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Creating a Better Solar Industry for Consumers & Installers

We’re revolutionizing the solar industry by creating educated and empowered customers who are capable of processing their own solar orders. By removing the middleman, Gondola customers are able to save an average 40% on their system while solar companies are able to still stay in business and save on commission costs. 

Processing my own order seems scary..

We assure you it’s not! Our team is here to make sure anyone can process their own order. When we say process your own order, we mean you do so without an official solar sales rep. A Gondola representative will be there to help you through every step of the way.

We’ve Got the Tools to Help You Start Saving

The Dashboard

The Gondola Dashboard contains a library of resources that breakdown the true costs of home services, expert tips to save money, sales tactics to look out for, and more.

You can find all of our articles written by our industry veterans and access our tools to educate you on your purchases.

Free Solar Savings Calculator

Interested in going solar but don’t know where to get started? Use our free Solar Savings Calculator and see if solar is right for you.

Free Solar Quote Guide

Reading a solar quote can be confusing, or may seem unimportant, but some companies include hidden details in your quote that will cost you more than what you need.

Our Solar Quote Guide, explains the complexities of a solar quote. We’ll show you how system pricing is calculated and how to avoid upcharges for your system.

Why We Do It

We are a team of veteran solar sales representatives. We have seen installers go under and homeowners overpay for solar panel systems too many times. That’s why we want to create a win-win situation where consumers can buy solar at a much lower price while installers can sustain their business.

What Gondola Users Get


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