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6 Easy Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill – Money Saving Tips

Feb 1, 2021 | Money Tips, Trending Now

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Grocery bill is one of those pesky necessities that continue to rise in price. This leaves the consumer frustrated and pouring money into their own weekly trip to the nearest grocery store. It doesn’t help that the world has become a very busy place, so the go-to convenience foods and lack of time to coordinate an economical grocery list seems far-fetched. Our team at Gondola has put together a few easy ways to cut down your ever-rising grocery bill.

1. Meal Prep

This is the key to cut your grocery bill. The rest is practice, but it all starts with the meal plan. What do you want to eat? And not just for dinner after work…but for all 3 meals and some snacks? Having a plan will keep you from running to the next convenience meal.

2. Raid the Pantry

After you’ve meal prepped, it only makes sense to then see what you have to work with. Steps 1 and 2 can be interchangeable. If it makes more sense to build around what you have, then make that your plan. Whatever way you choose to plan is ok as long as it’s successful.

3. Make a Shopping List

This will keep the shopping trip on track. Stay dedicated to your list. The meal prep and pantry inventory have been completed, so setting a goal to stick to the list will only further your chance at a successful shopping trip!

4. Shop as Often as You’d Like!

This may sound odd, but as long as you stick to your list and meal plan, the amount times you go to the store doesn’t affect the goal. If you fall to the temptation of getting items not on the list, then it’s probably best to go as little as possible. Some stores have specials on certain days, so it makes sense to take advantage of shopping on those days. Again, do what works for you!

5. Bulk Buying

This one is pretty easy. Six box stores like Costco, Smart and Final, and Sam’s Club can save tons of money over time. Storing pantry food in bulk will cut down on the cost of buying items individually.

6. Couponing

While this suggestion can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, many apps now make it much easier to coupon. Manufacturers and stores want to offer the best price, so using their app to find deals beforehand can actually save time from needing to compare prices in-store.

It can take practice to get your grocery bill to its lowest price, and some weeks, it may fluctuate more than usual. Investing some time in knowing the best meal plan for you, the store that works best, and how to shop will have a large return in the long run. Take charge of your meals and keep it exciting! Learn new recipes and challenge yourself to set goals every month with your meal plan and budget!


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