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8 Practical Ways to Achieve a Positive Mindset

Jan 18, 2021 | Lifestyle

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We are always trying to find different ways to keep ourselves happy. The only way for us to be so would require a few things — one would be to remain positive. It’s not as easy as it looks, but if you make the choice to work on being positive on a daily basis, you will succeed in this realm. Let’s take a look at some practical ways to achieve a positive mindset.

Wake up with a smile

This can be a little challenging to do if you find yourself feeling the complete opposite of happy on some days, but a quick fix is to simply smile. In this instance, fake it ‘til you make it actually applies. Regardless of how we actually feel, smiling, or laughing releases chemicals in the brain that alter our emotional wellbeing. It automatically neutralizes your entire face without you realizing it. Yes, it’ll take some practice, but I promise you that this will go a long way. 


This has been practiced since the dawn of time. It helps you stay mindful, more focused, and brings your body the peace it needs.

Read positive affirmations

Garbage in, garbage out. What we take in, we reflect. Instead of filling yourself with negatives, seek out quotes from your favorite books or philosophers, movies, or leverage apps like Calm

Go to the gym/Work out 

This releases and relieves so much stress that your body has been carrying throughout the day(s). You can take any negative energy that you’re feeling out on all of the machines at the gym or even lift heavier weights that you may have at home. Push yourself and see the results of your labor! 

Practice thinking positive thoughts

You might be thinking – “easier said than done.” And I would have to agree with you. One simple way to trick yourself into practicing positive thoughts is by planting positive thought sticky notes all around your desk, kitchen, car, and even your room. It’s one of those things that you need to see before stepping foot out the door and seizing your day!

Worry less about the past and future & focus on the present

If you are anything like me, you are an expert at wasting the day away worrying about what has happened or might happen. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety that ultimately holds us back from what we want to achieve. Set your sights on what is in front of you and BE PRESENT. When we focus on the present moment, we learn to enjoy things as they come without having to stress over what’s going to happen next. 

Spend quality time and surround yourself with good people

Everyone knows that you are who you surround yourself with, right? So this begs the question: When was the last time you thought about who you surround yourself with? Being around your close friends + family, who are filled with positive energy, keep us on our toes and hold us accountable. So… if you are ever feeling down, reach out and spend quality time with loved ones! 

Embrace your shortcomings

“No rain, no flowers.” On the surface, this quote makes sense, but most of us forget to consider the deeper meaning – embrace your shortcomings because they fuel your success. We hate the rain but are always begging for the flowers. When we learn to embrace our storms, we learn to empower ourselves and manifest our dreams into reality!

As you can tell, none of these positive mindset tips are revolutionary. All it takes is the intentional decision and commitment to these daily habits versus the slumps we typically fall into. Staying mindful of your habits and harnessing your inner-discipline will mold you into the best self you want to be. This is going to take some time to practice, but the prize far outweighs the discomfort! 


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