Helping Customers Make the Best Decisions.

What is Gondola?

Solar is the future of clean energy. However, the way the solar industry operates currently doesn’t make it easy for consumers to buy and for installers to do their jobs. Gondola was created to educate and empower consumers on the true cost of solar, and to help installers connect with customers in a much easier and efficient way.

Our Mission

Gondola is reforming the solar industry. Our team is dedicated to create and provide a win-win solution that benefits both consumers and installers. We are committed to lowering the prices for consumers by educating them on the true cost of solar while minimizing costs for installers to operate their businesses.

Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Dong Tran, has years of sales experience in multiple industries. Being in solar for 5 years, he witnessed several problems within the solar industry. Dong has seen many installation companies go out of business and has come across many homeowners who overpaid for their solar systems where 75% of their purchase price were from sales commissions. With issues on both sides, he came up with a solution.

He believes that customers deserve to know exactly what they are paying for, and to pay only for that. While solar companies shouldn’t have to increase prices because of high customer acquisition costs and sales commissions. By educating customers to understand and process their own orders, customers and solar companies are able to save more.

How to Use Gondola

Use Our Library

Use our library to learn how the industry really works. Educate yourself and be an informed consumer so you can maximize the return on your investment whenever you decide to go solar.

Get a Free Quote Guide

Want to see how much a typical solar quote is marked up? We’ve broken down and explained each part of a solar quote to show how much solar companies are upcharging you.

Get Your Personal Quote Analysis

After seeing how a typical quote is broken down, we can do a full analysis and breakdown of an actual quote you’ve received in the past.