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Gondola Tools

Our goal is to help you make the best decisions during your buying journey. Use our free tools to get a better idea of your purchases.

Calculate Your Solar Savings

Use this tool to see how much a system will cost you, as well as how much you’ll save on solar.

Free Solar Quote Guide

Get a free sample quote where we breakdown all the costs in a typical solar quote and clear up some misconceptions you may have when receiving a solar quote.

Free Solar Quote Analysis

Find out how much you’re really paying for solar. Get a complete analysis of one of your past solar quotes, and see how much solar companies are making from you and what your system should actually cost.

Process Your Own Solar Order

Get Gondola pricing when you process your own order. You’ll avoid any additional hidden fees typical solar companies slip into your quotes, while taking control of your purchase. Click here to see if you’re eligible for Gondola Pricing.