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Learn how to read and evaluate your solar quote with our Free Solar Quote Guide. In this guide, we break down a real quote from one of the industry’s top installers to show you:

  • The true cost of installing solar panels
  • The key factors to look for in a solar quote
  • How much solar companies might be up-charging customers

With this information, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the numbers shown on a typical solar quote
  • Compare solar quotes from different companies
  • Negotiate your price and avoid overpaying for solar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar quote?

After gathering information about your situation through monthly utility bills, annual electricity usage, and roof-facing direction, a solar company or representative will give you an estimate of how much it’d cost to install solar panels on your property. This is a solar quote, sometimes known as a solar proposal. 

Why is solar installation so expensive?

While the cost of a solar installation depends on many components, such as where you live, how big of a system your house needs, or what type of panels you want, a huge part of the pricing includes hidden charges and markups from solar companies. Read “Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive” to learn more.

Are solar quotes negotiable?

Yes, solar price is negotiable, just like any product and service.

Unethical companies and salespeople take advantage of homeowners who are unfamiliar with the solar energy industry to upcharge them. Therefore, the best approach is to do thorough research on how solar price is typically calculated, then request and compare quotes from multiple solar companies. 

How do I evaluate and compare solar quotes?

When you compare solar quotes from different companies, we do not recommend looking at the system cost alone because it can vary depending on the system size, the number of panels needed, and the equipment brands.

Price per watt ($/Watt) is a more useful metric to determine if you’re paying a fair price for your whole solar system. Price per watt is not always included in a solar proposal. You can calculate it by dividing the system cost ($) by the system size (kW).

What should I look for in a solar quote?

When reading a solar quote or proposal, a few key factors to look for is the price per watt, your annual energy usage, the solar system components, the estimated yearly production, warranties, and payment terms. Check out this article to see the detailed information about the key factors that you should look out for when reviewing and comparing solar quotes.